Honey Chili Egg

Recipe by Sonali

A very easy snack that can be cooked easily and loved by all age group.

Style: Traditional | Cooking time: 30 min
Servings: 4



Egg – 2 hard boiled

Ginger - 1 tsp finely chopped

Garlic – 1 tsp finely chopped

Green chili – 1 tsp chopped

Soya sauce – 2 tsp

Honey – 2 tsp

Red chili sauce – 1tsp

Corn flour – 3tsp

Maida/ all-purpose flour – as required

Salt – as per taste

Oil – 1 cup for dip frying

Oil -  2 tsp for gravy



  1. Deshell the hard boiled eggs and cut them in quarter’s slices.
  2. Make a batter of corn flour, salt if the batter is too watery then add maida/ all purpose flour to thicken it.
  3. Heat oil in a pan enough for dip frying, dip the egg slices into the batter to fry it and keep aside.
  4. In another pan heat 2tsp oil and add ginger, garlic, onion, chili and sauté it lightly.
  5. Now add soya sauce, red chili sauce, honey mixed in water to it cook for a while and add fried eggs to it.
  6. Now add left over batter to thicken the gravy.
  7. Serve to eat.


    Spring onion can be used instead of onion.

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